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Specializing in WordPress Websites

Lisa Drew of Websites for a Song provides WordPress website design and services to non-profits, small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs.

My Philosophy

First and foremost, I am a small business owner and professional musician. I understand working with a budget. I believe that everyone should have the recognition they need on the web and I strive to make that a reality with my clients.I will work with you and your budget to create a site that you can be proud of and that represents you. Whether you are an artist, small business, small non-profit, or just need a resume/brochure site, I can help you!
“When I needed someone to help me construct a website, it was important that the expert have knowledge of my creative endeavors. I met with Lisa and knew it would be a great fit! With her musical background and artistic understanding, she gleaned in a short time what my objectives were. I needed this website to further my brand and include all of the features that would give me the professional credibility essential for my advancement. Lisa explained the options, how they would be executed and what I needed to do to make the website my internet calling card. She’s a teacher, she’s a top notch website designer, she’s an advisor and my invaluable tech support which makes her my partner in achieving my goals toward a successful career!”
Susan Hofflander


“Lisa Drew has the creative genius of Leonardo and the patience of Job!

Her beautifully designed and constantly updated website for our Vermilion Park Inn is nothing short of amazing. We get compliments often on her work and dedication to our reservations system.”

Mary Batnich

Owner, Vermilion Park Inn

“My static, boring website needed an update. Lisa’s artistic talents, technical skills, and hard work turned what I dreamed the website could be into an even better reality. The new website – – moves, looks great, and represents what I can offer as a freelance writer. It’s so impressive it’s already helped me land three writing projects. I would highly recommend Lisa and her work.”

John Jansen



Artisans, Musicians, Creatives

I have a small soft spot for the creative types. My roots are in music and art and I wouldn’t be here today without having that professional experience! If you are an artist, musician or other creative type, I get you. I also understand your budget and will always try my best (within reason) to help you out. Take a look at my portfolio and let me help create something for you! Oh, and as a side note, most of the photography on this site is mine.  Check out my art site!


Churches, Community Groups

Along the way I have picked up some great ideas and smart money saving options to help with nonprofits. I have a few clients that I have saved literally hundreds of dollars in online expenditures.

Lisa Drew and Websites for a Song have been great partners in communications and ministry. She has an amazing ability to turn a vision for web presence into a web experience and to take what you want and to make it better than you could imagine. She is prompt and responsive, professional and visionary, gifted and incredibly skilled. I can think of no better partner than she.
The Reverend Marcus George Halley

Rector, Saint Paul's Church on Lake of the Isles

Small Business

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small Firms

Small business. I get it! I’m a small business owner, myself. I understand your budgets, what makes you tick and how I can help you create something that will make your business shine on the world wide web. I can also help with ecommerce, and portfolios. Need to showcase your videos? I can help you with that, as well. I am also able to help you design your social media and email marketing newsletters. I love working with Mailchimp – do you know about it?

WordPress Services are now available! Do you need help with your WordPress website? Don’t have the time or don’t feel confident to maintain the required software updates and backups?  I offer monthly and quarterly plans as well as hourly rates.


“I’m grateful to Lisa Drew and I highly recommend her services at Websites for a Song. She’s knowledgable, attentive, seemingly tireless and creative.”
David Evan Thomas


“Lisa has provided excellent service in making improvements to my website, all with a smile and at a very affordable price. I would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for help in building and maintaining a professional website. You will not be disappointed.”
Tim Anderson

criminal defense attorney, Tim Anderson Law

“Lisa Drew created a beautiful, affordable, one-of-a-kind website for and with me. Her responsive, functional design reflects and serves the evolving spirit of my writing and life coaching business. Now that my site’s live, Lisa keeps it running smoothly. I’m beyond grateful to have her on my side.”
Amy Hallberg

published author, coach, Courageous Wordsmith


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Let's Create Something

Let me know what you're looking for in a website. Whether it's just a basic brochure/informational site, a site with a store, a site with full media galleries and video, newsletter setup, the ideas are endless!  If you have any websites you like, please also include that in your remarks.

Lisa Drew
Minneapolis, MN

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