A chatbot is a simple software program that can respond to consumer prompts within a messaging platform or texts. For instance: What is my bank balance? What’s the weather? Does this come in red? Order me a taco.

Quick Cheap and Easy Chatbox for Your Website

Forget machine-learning and human-like language. Leave that to the big corporations dumping millions into AI development. Your chatbot should take a rules-based approach. (Think of it like a decision tree: Do you want to see shoes or handbags? Do you like red or blue?) Microsoft’s Bot Framework and Facebook’s Bots for Messenger both let you stitch together packets of AI around a customizable framework that’s hard to screw up.

Want to See a Chatbox in Action?

Check out My Kai, a personal-banking bot. Or look at the group-messaging platform Blend, which is releasing hundreds of audience tailored Genie bots over the next year. Use bots to browse clothing with Fify, order lunch from Burger King, send flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS.

For more information about how to get ChatBox, visit their website: https://chatbox.com (no affiliation, just a handy link)

From an article in December, 2016, Entrepreneur magazine.