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Choosing the right domain company or hosting partner is half the battle.  But do you know what a domain name is and how it differs from a website and hosting?  Hopefully I can help you understand this a little better.

You know you need a domain name – that’s the name of your business plus either a dot com, dot org or dot net after.  For example, mine is websitesforasong.com. Your domain name has to be registered with a company much like a license and no two separate unrelated entities can own the same domain name.



But Just What is a Domain and How Does It Differ from Web Hosting?


A domain is like owning a piece of property, many would classify it as a way to distinguish ownership and identity across the web. Simply put, a domain is the unique name that one can assign to a website. A domain maybe purchases outside of the web hosting company or provider and the two can work independently of each other. Owning a powerful and coveted domain is the equivalent of having a solid asset or investment. It often appreciates with time while serving as the namesake of your online brand or business. It’s essentially the essence of your brand and how you make your mark across the web. Several webmasters dedicate a significant amount of their time to seeking out popular domains in order to acquire as long term investments.

While web hosting is designed to ensure your data is secure, readily accessible, & online all of the time; the domain is a separate entity. Domain ownership may be purchased on its own, sometimes just to have ownership on the domain name. To link the two together, typically the web host provider will assign what we call nameservers to your website that you may input at your domains registrar/website. Think of a nameserver as an address or a post office box, and your name as the domain name. In order to deliver to your address, your name must be pointed to your nameserver. Once doing so, the internet will recognize that the domain is linked to your website!


This is currently the company I’m doing most of my web hosting business with. What I like about Interserver is that they’ve been in business a while, are a US based company, own their own data servers, and offer quite a lot to their customers for the price you pay. Unlike your usual web hosting companies, Interserver does not require you to buy a minimum year or three year plan to keep your rate low. They have a monthly payment plan available for just $5 per month, or a discount if you buy an annual package. Another bonus is that your rate will never increase.

If you are a nonprofit, please contact me about their special plans which can save you significant money!

(note: the links are affiliate links, but I am currently a customer and want to offer you the best deal)

About Lisa Drew

WordPress Diva, Classical Singer, Artist, and all around Great Gal

Lisa Drew has been in business since 2007 and has established herself as a WordPress website designer not only in the Twin Cities, but in cities like Chicago and New York.  In addition to running her web business, Lisa is also actively involved as a soloist at Plymouth Congregational Church, and creates photographic art cards from her photography at Lisa Drew Photos LLC.

Lisa resides in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and two cats.

photo credit: “Aspen Dreams” & “Spoon & Cherry in Winter” by Lisa Drew

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