WordPress Paid Membership Sites – What Are They? Who Are They For?

membership WordPress has come a very long way since its early inception. Initially used as a blogging platform, with the use of a plugin, WordPress can now even be used as a paid membership site. Again, stressing the fact that although in some circles WordPress is considered a platform that is not good for anything apart from a blog, the demand for its use for other types of websites is skyrocketing. As a result of this, use of the platform is widespread, and in many more different ways than as a blogging platform. What Is The Benefit? So, what benefit is there to using WordPress as a paid membership based site? Lets start with the basics. WordPress is easy to use, the platform has a fully functional back end that is simple to use, and easy to keep organized. Through the use of many of the paid membership plugins that are available for WordPress, keeping pages separate and hidden from non-paying guests is very easy to arrange. If we compare this to the amount of time and money involved in coding a membership website from scratch, WordPress clearly comes out miles ahead. Some paid membership plugins come with certain functionality that will allow members to “pay per post” so to speak, which is a great addition if you have a product that you wish to promote on a single page of your blog. Instances like these may be comparable to internet marketers with their own product using an entire blog as a gateway to a product. Lets not forget the good old RSS feed. You see, the problem that is encountered most on the WordPress platform is that the RSS feed is not secure, so even if you charged members for access to your WordPress site, you would find that what you publish is still accessible via the RSS feed. The beauty of a selection of paid membership plugins is that they secure the feed, and via the use of tokens, only those who have paid may access the feeds, and even use them in their reader of choice. Who Can Benefit From A WordPress Based Paid Membership Site? This kind of WordPress site easily suits those who have their own product, who are looking to spend as little as possible. I wont hold back in saying that the cost of some plugins can be quite high, however when compared to the cost of hiring a web designer to create a membership site from scratch, it is incredibly cost effective. Products can be promoted through a squeeze page on one installation of WordPress, with access granted upon payment to the rest of the blog through a simple login form. Most plugins support PayPal as a method of payment, however there are also a good handful of plugins out there that also allow payment through other gateways, in particular ClickBank. For web masters who own their own product, this is great news, as products that are listed on ClickBank literally promote themselves, with the affiliate community being hungry 24/7 for affiliate profits. In a nutshell, a paid membership WordPress site is a great option for those who are after another income source. If you can write an e-book, film a few videos, or even create some highly sought after information that you believe is in high demand, this could very well be a great solution for you. For more information on WordPress in general, including the benefits of using a WordPress membership site plugin , you can visit the authors site http://www.wp-admin.org , which contains useful information for those who use WordPress as their weapon of choice. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_T_Malone

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