Looking for a convenient way for your customers to register and pay for your events & seminars?

pencil_me_inI may have the perfect solution for you.  If you use WordPress, I have a tool that will enable your customers to not only register for upcoming events and seminars, but provide the ability for them to pay up front!  The money is collected through PayPal and is deposited directly into your account.  In addition, you can also set parameters for attendence.  Need to limit your event to 10?  No problem.

I recently had a client that needed the option to include all upcoming events in a 3 month period to show on the home page of his website.  The solution was to created a 3 month calendar complete with an Events Registration page where the customer could click on the event they were interested in and fill out an online form and pay for it right then and there.  Providing a ‘no-hassel’ solution to your customer creates increased customer service satisfaction for your company.

Need a WordPress website or blog?  Contact Lyrical Biz today and let’s get started:

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