Everyone Needs a New Look…

…even web developers!  I’ve been working on some neat projects lately and it made me think a bit more about my own website.  Questions I started to ask myself were:

  • is it engaging?
  • is it up-to-date?
  • does it offer the viewer an idea of what I do?
  • is it easy to navigate?

My old site was kind of drab.  I’ve been on this retro kick for a while (my favorite car is the ’59 2 door Cadillac coupe) and I wanted to reflect some fun into my site design.  That also came up with finding a new logo, new fonts, and a dynamic template. 

The template I found through ThemeForest.net – tons of options there, and most are around the $35 range.  Not bad when it gives you all the options you can hope for.  The customizing does get a little tricky and you do have to play around with some of the codes to get it just the way you want it, but it is do-able.   

I went with a turquoisey feel to the site, hearkening back to the Atomic Age of design.  I have to admit that this summer I went on a Mad Men binge and watched all of the seasons in marathon fashion.  My office was recently re-done in these colors with light woods, turquoise walls, white floor and polka-dot curtains.  Why not make my website reflect this as well?  After-all folks, I am a singer, artist and entertainer.   

So here you have it.  A new site, a new design, a new logo, all for a new year.  If you’re thinking of change, why not look at your website?  I’d be more than happy to help you!

Comments and Feedback are always welcome on this website – I appreciate it!


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