Top 5 Ways in Making WordPress Work For You

If I mention WordPress and all you can equate it to is blogs or if you still think that WordPress is limited to being an exclusive blogging platform – you have been left behind in the Digital Age my friend! From its blogging roots, it has been branching out for many years and today you can create a website for your business right in WordPress. Why should you choose it when there are so many other options out there? What are the benefits in deciding to go with WordPress? Here are my top 5 ways it can work for you and your business…

Part 2 – Guide to a Successful Website for Business

This is a continuation of my blog on Guide to a Successful Business Website.  Today I would like to talk about Getting a Website YOU can Control. I talk to a lot of small business owners that already have websites and the most common complaint I hear is that they have to wait for what seems like forever to make … Read More

Why you should use WordPress for your next website

Simply put, WordPress is a software script you can download for free and install to instantly create a web site. Don’t get scared away by the term ‘script.’ The developers of WordPress have made it so easy to set up. You don’t need to be a computer geek to have a web site up and running in 15 minutes with … Read More