Blog Post Ideas

This is a subject that plagues many a small business running a WordPress website. Did you know that by just posting one blog a week will increase the SEO on your website by adding 52 new pieces of content to your website?  So here’s the question… I know I should blog, but where can I get ideas?

My friends over at Dashboard Internet Marketing wrote a great blog post on how to come up with your content.  Here’s the article and a link to their website for more information:

questionAs any internet marketer will tell you, content is king when it comes to driving visitors to your website. Blogs are often used as the cornerstone of a content marketing program. They’re a great way to add content to your website, and they offer fresh links to share with your social media followers.

Even if you’re working with a professional content writer, you still have to help your writer come up with ideas for blog posts. Whether it’s just a list of topics or resources to explore, even the best content writer depends on client input to create stellar content. And the more guidance you can give your content marketer, the more your blog posts and other content will reflect your unique perspective on your blog’s topic.

What Do Your Customers Ask For?

The first place to look for ideas for your blog posts is among the many questions your customers ask. Do they ask about certain brands, sizes, colors or other attributes? Do customers frequently have the same problem they’re asking your firm to solve for them? If so, then you’ve got the germ of an idea for one or more blog posts, and not just any blog posts but blog posts that your customers are already eager to read.

Industry Statistics and Reports

Do you belong to any industry associations, trade groups or similar groups? Many such groups publish reports, research and industry journals. These publications often contain a wealth of ideas for blog posts that a professional content writer can mine for inspiration. Sometimes one study can act as the springboard for multiple posts. This is where a professional content writer makes all the difference. They can think of multiple slants for one topic and spin them out across a series, generating even additional traffic for your blog or website from one idea.

Keyword-Rich Blog Posts for Internet Marketing

When blogging acts as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy, the keywords generated via keywords research and analysis can also serve as starting points for blog posts. While keywords themselves may be too broad to serve as useful blog posts, they can become the starting point for further exploration. Case studies, white papers, industry trends and recent data may enhance the keyword selections and form rich resources that attract additional website traffic.

Link Magnet Blog Posts

One very useful type of blog post is what content writers like to call “link magnets” because they attract inbound links from other websites. Link magnet blog content offers more than a short blog post. Some websites use free short booklets, ebooks or templates that business owners or customers can use to accomplish a difficult task.

Another form of link magnet blog post if a “top 10” or “top 25” type of post that lists the best resources around a given topic. These types of posts aggregate links to the best of a particular niche topic, often creating an online hub that other sites link to as a resource. If that happens, you’ve struck link gold, a great way to boost your website’s search engine optimization.

Not all types of blog posts listed in this article are right for every business. Talk to Dashboard Internet Marketing for guidance on spicing up your content marketing with intriguing, engaging, keyword rich blog posts. They’ll help you boost your search engine optimization, provide plenty of links for your social media marketing, and provide customers with a great reason to visit your website frequently.

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