WordPress Update 3.2

WordPress has released its latest revision, Gershwin.  The first thing you will notice if you’re already a WordPress user, is its newer Dashboard.  I think it’s a cleaner type, easier to read and to find the elements you need to run your website or blog. Another thing you will notice is the full screen editor for editing your blog posts. Less distraction. If you’re looking for an HTML5 WordPress theme, this is also included with the new release, although I have not tried it yet as of this writing. Other things include faster page loading times, additional performance and speed improvements and caching of admin dashboard widgets to reduce the site’s memory footprint.  I also noticed a huge change in the typeface when switching over to the HTML editor. A lot more whitespace, courier font. Not sure if I like this yet, but it does remind me that I am indeed working with the HTML editor.

This new release is not a security update.

Very important to keep in mind that the new release requires as a minimum MySql 5.0.15 and PHP 5.2.4 and will not function on PHP 4.  This is an important point and you should check with you hosting company before you attempt to click on the Automatic Upgrade link, otherwise you could loose all the work you’ve put into your site.

All of my blog updates have gone through smoothly and without a hitch, however, before you decide to update your blog or website, please make you check the above and that you have backed up your database.  Just because my sites have updated smoothly, doesn’t guarantee that all blogs or websites will go as planned.

For more information and an overview, see the video from WordPress.tv


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