Creating Membership Sites – 3 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your Membership Site

When creating your membership site, you’ll want to add plugins to enhance the site and make your membership program more helpful and enjoyable to your members. There are many plugins available online to add value to your WordPress site. There are probably dozens of plugins that are “must-haves” for your WordPress site. The following three plugins are among the top … Read More

How To Creat the Perfect Elevator Pitch

The boring definition of an elevator pitch is “a short overview of your business, product or service.” However, the term “elevator pitch” came from the idea that if you meet a potential partner, customer or client in an elevator, you better have a pitch that can sell them before they get off on their floor. So, what should your elevator … Read More

Top 5 Ways in Making WordPress Work For You

If I mention WordPress and all you can equate it to is blogs or if you still think that WordPress is limited to being an exclusive blogging platform – you have been left behind in the Digital Age my friend! From its blogging roots, it has been branching out for many years and today you can create a website for your business right in WordPress. Why should you choose it when there are so many other options out there? What are the benefits in deciding to go with WordPress? Here are my top 5 ways it can work for you and your business…

Building the Perfectly Optimized Site Using WordPress

WordPress can be customized to automate many of the most arduous SEO tasks. The result is a powerful and easy to use search engine friendly publishing platform that eliminates the majority of both upfront and ongoing SEO work.

Automate Your WordPress Blogs With Autopost Plugins

For putting the best use of WordPress Autopost Plugins it is not necessary that you will have to be an expert about web technology and internet. The process of installing the plugins is pretty simple and even maintaining them is just a child’s play! As compared to other software, it is fairly easy to operate WordPress and it is pretty user friendly.

Optimize Your WordPress Blog – API Codes, Uploads and Plugins

This is a must read for anyone wanting to optimize their WordPress blog. The article touches on tweaking a few settings, how to get an API Code and information on how to upload and download plugins (ftp). If you always wanted more visitors to your blog, roll up your sleeves and lets talk blogging.

22 Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress

Little tweaks with a big impact first and foremost are those little annoying tweaks, that left undone now, can have repercussions later. These are presented in no particular order since I make sure all are done before I install plugins or start posting. Update Your User Profile: I say this one is first because some of the other steps below … Read More