Backup, Backup, Backup…

It’s something you hear and probably tell yourself everyday… “I really need to back up my computer.”    You may have a schedule and a program that does this automatically for you, but how about your WordPress website? I recently came across a situation where the web host went down for a day and my client was rather upset that … Read More

Step 4: Going Outside of Your Blog – Exploring Link Diversity

So now you have a jump-start on an awesome blog. You are building great content, you have a schedule and you are attracting readers, followers and building links. Those links are powerful and exactly what you need to improve your rankings but are you gaining ground in your marketplace fast enough?  How can you speed things up? This is where … Read More

Step 3: Getting The Word Out

  Now you have a plan, you are creating quality posts with well researched topics and your calendar makes production a breeze. The next step is getting those posts out in front of the maximum number of people…quickly. Here are some of the most important keys to dispersing your blog posts: Email Marketing – Most ESP’s (email service providers) these … Read More