Step 2: Schedule for Success – Create an Editorial Calendar

What separates most amateur bloggers and ineffective small business blogs from the truly elite ones? Are you constantly struggling and frustrated with your ability to “find” time in a hectic schedule to come up with blog topics and then write the posts? Well good news…you’re not alone. And, more importantly, there is a solution. The solution is to LEARN FROM … Read More

Step 1: How to Choose and Prioritize Great Topics

Most effective bloggers don’t view blog posts independently but rather build an entire series or grouping of posts by TOPIC. Choosing topics should begin with keyword research. Two free tools that everyone should have bookmarked are Google’sKeywordTool and Wordtracker’sKeywordTool. Use these tools to stay on the pulse of the keywords that relate to your site’s products or services – they … Read More

No Job is Too Small

Websites for a Song not only creates a great website you can manage for around $500, but we also help with existing WordPress websites.   If you need enhancements done, a little troubleshooting, would like some advise on how to update the look or functions of your site, give me a shout.  I also provide maintenance on WordPress sites.

Don’t have time to blog everyday? Schedule!

If you write a lot of posts per day and have a content strategy set up already, chances are you already know about this little feature. But for those of you who don’t, did you know WordPress allows you to schedule your posts so you can plan ahead? I really like this feature.  In fact, it can help with the … Read More