Mobile QR Codes

Now that I’ve finished re-branding my business, creating the new logo, choosing the fonts, updating Facebook, etc. it came time for me to put together new business cards.  One thing I  First off, if you don’t know what a QR code is, the first thing I think of when I see one is ATARI.  It gives me the nostalgic feeling … Read More

How to Title Your Website or Blog for the Search Engines

Did you know that the title of your web page or blog post is one of the first things that pops up when searching for your website through the search engines. Not only does it give the user an idea on what the webpage is about, but your title plays an important role in the position of your site within the … Read More

Article Building Software for WordPress

Are you sitting with a WordPress website that you know you should be blogging on but just don’t have the time to commit to?  Are you looking for some automated help in this arena with great backlinks that will give your site a boost in the search engine rankings? There’s a product that just came through my email that I want to … Read More

Generating Leads for Local Businesses

I was diving into my June issue of Entrepreneur Magazine this hot and sticky 4th of July and came across this remarkable article by Ann Handley.  She talks about using Social Media and Platforms, about websites, encouraging reviews and so much more.  I mean there’s really useful stuff here!   Take a moment to read and then let me know … Read More