How FAQ Pages Could Boost Your Ratings

I recently came across this great article about FAQ pages and how they can actually boost your ratings on Google and other search engines. FAQ Pages Could Boost Your Google Rankings By Chris Crum – Fri, 03/13/2009 – 08:00 Catering to Intent-based Search the Key In a recent report, Hitwise said that the length of search queries has increased over … Read More

Plain Text Doesn’t Have to Be Plain-Jane

How To Make Your Plain Text Emails Hard to Read and Use Posted by Justin Premick Sometimes it’s good to step back from discussions like what’s new at Gmail and how to add an opt-in form to Facebook and just talk email marketing basics for a bit. To…

WordPress – Important Update

If you have a WordPress site, make sure you have updated it to the latest release – 3.0.4 “ has released WordPress 3.0.4 to address a vulnerability in the HTML sanitation library,” U.S. CERT states.” Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow an attacker to insert arbitrary HTML and script code into the browser session.“ Yeah, that’s pretty darn serious — … Read More

Making Money From Your Blog – Blogging To The Bank

Making money from your blog is a popular dream. And it’s a dream that can come true if you have a road map to follow based on real-world experience from someone who has and is making money from his blog. Rob Benwell’s Blogging to The Bank i…

You keep saying you need a website…

It’s 2011 and you keep saying “One of these days, I’ll have a website…” Here’s some quick facts about why you need a website: Credibility – How many times have you passed out your business card and someone asks you about your website?  Do you shy away and say that you have one in the works, but it’s not up yet as … Read More